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February Fill the Ditch

February 15, 2010

Actually it hasn’t rained too much down here the last few weeks, its more cold and nippy. Its a serious business, the weather. Inspired by PennyGolightly I am giving serious thought to what I should plant at Shep Towers this year. As instructed I have seeds from thr Aldi and Poundland so I am starting with windowsill herbs and 3 kinds of bean. I want to give tomatoes another go this year as we have the perfect greenhouse environment in the kitchen but need to find a better indoor variety.

On the baby front we are all well and good. The wee baby is much more co ordinated these days and is all about clutching and slobbering over her little collection of rattles and stuffed friends (the me to you blue bee is v popular this week). She is very jolly and rewarding.

Meanwhile I still haven’t had a driving lesson ( i have a start date though) but am enjoying not really having a schedule and actually not being really stressed for the first time in a good few years!

Meanwhile meanwhile I am now addicted to mumsnet and arguing!


This n that…

April 5, 2009

I recently signed a downing street petition against The Sun newspaper and their constant negative portayal of the social work profession. I have just seen Soldier on the telly in an advert for said newspaper and its help for heroes thing. I am more used to seeing exes on Newsnight.

Uni rejected my application for additiaonl funding since they changed their rules and I have to stay at uni until august. I can’t even explain how pissed off i am about this since 1. i dont have any choice. 2. i’ve never asked before and its my v last opportunity to. 3. knowledge of other circunmstances under which they have shelled out.

I had a nice day yesterday with my mum and maybe cheered up a little bit. She bought me this for the impending arrival.


It is called a Truffle Sheep.

We went to garden superstore to buy me strawberry plants and geraniums and stripey something and a bird feeder to make me happy again. Well try.

The mission for this afternoon is to try and start some uni work.

I used to be interesting but…

October 1, 2008

I am at present letting the flu get the better of me. Routine seems to consist of: wake up at 5am, remedicate, sleep until about 9, move into lounge. At about 2pm I can manage getting washed and dressed. And so on.

Anyway thats all very fascinating I’m sure. In the meantime I had a v nice weekend. It was the 1st aniversary of George’s death on sunday so I went home for some Mummy time. We pottered around Totnes on saturday, which if you are a tree hugging hippy like me is a shopping paradise. You can even sign up to be buried in a eco coffin down there. I bought these v posh herb planters for my plant friends. I have 6 herb plants now!

On sunday we had a pub lunch at Liverton (bit chavvy actually) and went to Endsleigh for more garden things. I bought the olive tree finally which I have been coveting. They can live for 2000 years apparently!  I am hoping it will like it in the big window in the kitchen. I will be very smug when I get to eat olives off my own tree one day.

Meanwhile I have been back to uni to start lectures. It was ok. Bit same old, same old really but I have yet another new work group which does not contain anyone I don’t get on with unlike previous years. I feel a bit detached from it really.

Shep is away diving. Return date unknown. Boo