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Post V Day (because my brain is pickled and i cant think of a good song lyric just now)

February 15, 2008

So that was Happy Hallmark Day. Hope you all had a good one free from dissapointment, arguments and Shell garage bouquets. I fared extremely well this year but then again my intended is far away…i’d rather have had him home and no presents.

But however…I got home from a very long week wanting to curl up and die yesterday but hsalf an hour later had a new pair of boots from Office i had been coveting for some time, some posh chocolates and a bottle of Laurent Perrier.

Hmm….new shoes…posh booze and then one of the MYF’s phoned to see what i was up to…’getting merry with you and then going out’ was the response. He he.

I also recieved what should have been a gorgeous bouquet of pink and red  long stemmed roses but what turned up was a bouquet of roses with frostbite and the petals falling off. One cross sounding phone call later and the little chap turned up and swapped them for a new set. Fairs fair I thought…..and then after id cut them and stood them in a vase i woke up this morning to find most of the heads had drooped right over and petals were falling already. I  know its only flowers but i really wanted to cry. They should have made my flat pretty for a week but i suspect they will be binned on sunday night when i get back from my folks. The irritation.

And finally heres the post i never thought id write. My mother has arranged to take me to a wedding fair on sunday. *in the style of Lindsay Lohan’s mother in Mean Girls* ‘WHO ARE YOU?’ That said i have gone from overwhelmed and confused about this whole wedding business to aquiring ideas and actually starting to enjoy it a bit.

All you good good people…

January 20, 2008

Ok so Pinky wins the metaphorical prize. Paul and I got engaged last week. And planned ALOT.

After alot of thought I decided not to blog everything about the event and why and how and everything. That moment was ours alone.

I saved it up because I felt that I/We had to tell alot of people personally before we just broadcast it to the world. I think we covered everybody before I posted this. If I know you personally and I didn’t text/call then I’m sorry – but I have probably tried to.

Moving on to important details:

  • About 98% of people we told were thrilled. 2% to be detailed in a later entry but feel free to guess.
  • No one was particularly surprised.
  • Little Nipper was the most delighted of all, mostly because P is now officially her ‘sort of Uncle’ (yes, she is a very rewarding child)
  • Wedding next summer depending on a few things, Who am i kidding, one thing.
  • On a beach abroad, party in Plymouth when we get back.
  • No mereingues whatsover.
  • Or bridesmaids, sorry.
  • There might be a cake.
  • I’m not sure what else I am expected to cover so make a list if you like……

Yes, I do have a big rock!! Will post a photo sometime but amillionpieces has seen it.

Something for the weekend.

January 7, 2008
  • I took Shep to Friday dvd night at Claires. Little Nipper insisted on his prescence! I think he’s a hit there. She had him cleaning out the rat in no time. girl after my own heart. He got very in Bee Movie – i know because he did his concentrating face and was v quiet at the end. Bless.
  • At bed time I carried Nipper up the stairs and possibly broke my back. Yes i was bending my knees.
  • I went for lunch in Tavistock on Saturday with my Mum, well actually I limped around for as long as I could stand it in bloody agony. Then I took her to meet the boy in his posh flat. seemed to go quite well.
  • We went out for dinner at Morgans. We were distinctly underwhelmed. Back to Tanners this week or possibly 15 in Newquay according to my date co ordinator. We did get quite drunk though. shep left me a note in my slipper that said ‘love tanya’ I think he forgot to put ‘I’.
  • We were supposed to go surfing on Sunday but apprently the waves were no good so i stayed in and wrote bits of essays. Shep went out in the rain and came back with M & S posh food and 2 pairs of stockings (the good kind not the mundane) and the papers. V blissful relationship stuffed I have been without for a long time.
  • Back to uni today. I have to go to the dentist now. And you don’t!!

Protected: Echoes, silence, patience and grace.

December 2, 2007

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Life Springs Eternal

October 11, 2007


I never get bored of my now god daughter. Even when she sicks up on me. Which is quite alot.

Tantrums and Tiaras

October 9, 2007

I am officially weeny Isabelle’s God Mother. Well actually she isn’t being christened and we are having a v modern ‘Welcome to the World’ party. We shan’t be eating the placenta or anything though. I suggested giving weeny a general overview of all the major religions when she is a bit bigger. Her Mum was most impressed with that.

Meanwhile I am not having a good week.

Things have crumbled with Sailor. Lets just say I didn’t check carefully enough for emotional baggage and consequently I am lost in the luggage department of Harrods tripping over those enourmous trunks people take on board ships.

Welcome to the world…

September 26, 2007

isobel2309071.jpgLittle Isobel.
8lbs 4