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Grand Master Shep….. (or how i realised that marrying someone like your Dad is ineviatable!)

May 6, 2008

We have been to Army Navy rugby. It was quite fun actually and not the very grubby event I was promised by my intended. distinct lack of strapping hunks though.

Shep took the organising part very seriously. I was told in no uncertain terms on thursday that I wouldn’t be allowed a handbag on the day because everything would be packed into his ‘day sack’. Oh how I laughed. The ‘day sack’ look like this:


Shep diligently packed it with waterproofs and a down jacket. Yes, for a rugby game in a pub/stadium NOT a trek up everest.

I negotiated a small shoulder bag. I think I just about got away with it but I was informed that my Uggs were the only acceptable footwear!

I teased him mercilessly all day about his backpack. So did our friends. Everytime a new friend turned up he was teased again but Shep was smug that if it rained ‘we’d all be sorry!’.