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August 6, 2008

I haven’t posted for a while so heres a news round up….

  • Shep is back home from Scotland. I flew up to Newcastle to meet him and spend the weekend with friends there. It was heaps fun and I got to see the Angel of the North finally. (dont wanna here anyone saying its crap please i loved it).
  • I’m even more amazed about this now since all the rain but we squeezed in a beach day last monday at Challeborough. Look on facebook for pics of shep and a pink bucket and spade. i’ve swan in the sea and made my sandcastle so summer has happened as far as i’m concerened!
  • I’ve gone back to work with the weenies for the summer. Rain is trapping them indoors but we’ve done lots of crafty type stuff including challenging the little boys to make a dolls house and the girls to build an army camp both out of cardboard boxes etc. Naturally the girls thrashed the boys much to Sheps chagrin.
  • We’ve had birthday number two of the summer in our house. Somebody was pleased with all his presents. Especially the Blackadder boxed set.
  • We went to Bournemouth at the weekend to see my bestest friend and drowned on the beach there.
  • Have three weeks until my law exam and 2.5 til i have to submit my social problems papers. Feel a bit anxious about both really.