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And for my next trick….

September 19, 2008

My only task for today was to pop into one of the uni canteens and collect my god daughter from her mother so she can attend induction stuff. As if it could be that simple!?

Baby mother is crying her eyes out. Apparently baby father thought that today was a totally appropriate time to say that he didn’t want a party for god daughter’s 1st birthday because he cannot bear to be around baby mother and also that this was the prefect time to threaten court action and just generally tear her to pieces. On her first day back at uni. As if going back to uni as a single mother of two isn’t f**king well hard enough!!!!

Meanwhile I also bump into my old professor who doesn’t teach me anymore but well…who am i kidding al the staff in my faculty know me. Anyway he says ‘you’re a third year now, yes’ – and i explain failing one module and not progressing this year etc etc. He says ‘well you’d better contact Professor Somebody Else because the faculty are in the midst of changing regulations and allowing failed modules up to 20 credits (mine is only 10) to progress with a resit period in november. So i dutifully go home with the baby and emailed said person and he replies immediately that I should know in a day or so.


*probably also something to do with the recent media coverage of the huge social worker shortfall.