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And now for something completely different.

August 19, 2008

I’ve been on an outing today. All the way up to North Hill to see the lovely indian dentist. My actual dentist i reckon is sri lankan because he is miniscule and prstine looking with beautiful eyes. He does have a habit of calling me ‘darlink’ much like my Dad’s girlfriend but he’s very good. Meanwhile he is on holiday until the end of september – seems a fair exchange to me – excellent dental treatment provided on the NHS to the citizens of Plymouth in exchange for enough pennnies and time off for an extended trip home to see the folks. But i’m just speculating.

In the taxi on the way, my hungarian driver told me it had become the law that you could knife your dentist to death and also that his dentist had once kneed him in the chest whilst removing a tooth and he had then threatened the dentist’s life in the street. Taxi driver looked about 20 to me and it was all a bit League of Gentleman.

In the waiting room for aforementioned nice indian dentist lady i did some good people watching. Immediatley an enourmously fat girl exited the treatment room and bellowed to her weedy looking boyfriend that ‘i aint allowed to eat NUFFINK, like for tha res of tha day OR ANYFINK!!!’

Luckily I was hiding behind Case Histories or there may have been a very visble smirk.