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Everyday’s an endless stream of cigarettes and magazines..

March 11, 2008

This is a whinge post. You have been warned.

1. FHM magazine. I read a bit of it in the hairdressers on Friday. I was appalled. I have been known to complain about how dopey the likes of Glamour are BUT – at least women’s media has some educational content (how to get a payrise, better job, manage your relationship better, get out of debt and so on).  Boy’s equivalent publishing astounds me…It’s disgusting. I could go on all day but the article which bothered me the most was about stag night hot spots. I mean really….if you need to go all the way to generic east european city, get hammered, get off your face and pay for sex then you are clearly NOT ready to get married.

2. Drunk men in nightclubs. You have no right whatsoever to touch me. None. However…..all the girls who go out almost naked and drape themselves all over drunk men. You arn’t helping! Actually FHM, you arn’t helping either since you peddle the idea that all young women are clamouring to show you their breasts.

3. Not turning up on the day for a formerly assessed presentation. So not cool.

4. This pledging alleigance to the Queen idea, Look on the beeb news site if you haven’t seen it. We are not brian washed Americans. More to the point I don’t take pride in the actions of my country v much (except for the minimum wage, children act 2004, working family tax credit and maybe one or two other things). Also I think as an EU country its a bit odd.

5. Chaos. Moving, pakcing, uni work blah.

6. Weather. No need to elaborate!