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We’re sick of being jerked around – Wear that on your sleeve.

June 25, 2008

Excuse me while I just rant.

(Bit of background before I start spewing……..I moved in with Shep in March. Before that I lived in a rented flat by myself close to the campus. I had a standard september to july contract which could only release me if I found a replacement tennant. Well I did just that and she moved in March 21st, signed a tennancy agreement which ran from that date until July and paid a deposit (which was £100 more than mine!!). The replacement tennant is a realy good friend of mine who had recently split from a co habiting relationship and needed to move quickly. But thats beside the point.)

I am a bit absent minded and have been meaning to rinng up about this for a while. I submitted my repayment claim with the Deposit Protection Service a few weeks ago but nothing happened. So I phoned up my old landlord.

Me: Hello, I was living in flat *** but I moved out on March 21st. I’ve registered with DPS. Can you release my deposit please or have I done it wrong or something?

Towers Lettings: Well we don’t release the deposit until the tennancy ends in July.

Me: Erm…I’ve foreited my contract and you’ve let the flat to someone else.

TL: Oh yes.

Me: So since you’ve taken a deposit from a new tennant can you release mine please unless you plan to make deductions which I’m happy to discuss.

TL: Well I suppose we’ll make an exception and I can put it through for you next week.

Me: Right good.

TL: She’s an interesting character isn’t she (new tennant)

Me: Oh yes (they have no idea whether i either know her from Adam or whether she is my sister – i never told them or deemed it necessary)

TL: Well we never see her. I mean well I think she works quite alot. (You never saw me unless I went in the office to moan about something which was only occasionally so what’s your point!?)

Me: So anyway did you do an inspection, do I lose any deposit for damage or anything?

TL: Well we haven’t inspected the flat. However the university inspector came a while back and she let them in to her flat. They had a few choice words to say.

Me: (Can’t think of anything to distract her)

TL: Yes well they said it was very messy and like something from Crimewatch. (Well firstly thats extrmemely rude, since she was doing the company a favour by letting the Accomodation use her flat to grade that building. Secondly whats that got to do with me??

TL: And…….She gets her rent paid by the council and sometimes they are really slow. I’ll have to get a deposit from them. (Why don’t you just give me her DOB and mother’s maiden name soi can clean out her bank account!!)

I’ve since checked with replacement tennant – who paid her deposit in cash and has a receipt and contract so the last random jibe was an outrageous lie!

So that was fun. If I don’t get my money back next week as promised I’ll be on to the CAB since helpful Ian sent me the legislation stating my deposit has to be returned in 7 working days. And as for the grossly unprofessional bitching about the current tennant – whether this is breaching DPA I’m not sure but I’m thinking if I write any letters I’m CCing them to the Accomodation Office at the uni.