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I don’t have to reference this once since I co wrote it…………but it was amillionpieces’ idea x

June 27, 2008
Blog Nostalgia Meme…


1.Can you remember without looking what your first post was about?

Without looking it was probably about quitting my job/going travelling and complaining about my then friend Laura.

2. Where did you write it?

A very chic net cafe called Ice Mango in Leicester which only had emacs – it was 2004 then and they were very now. I spent hours in there over the years and i hope its still there.

3. Which was the first blog you read?

Hmmm. It was defintely my real life friend Sals’ but i’m dammed if I can remember what it was called but it was definitely one of the old school 20six blogs.

4. Who did/do you tell about your blog if anyone?

I’d planned to tell everyone about my blog since I was travelling and thought i might not have to write so many emails…..BUT i soon leaned that writing about scandals and boys was more entertaining so I never sent out the email invite to the world. I told Sal I imagine but I’m still very selective about who reads it in real life. I sent the link to my friend Rach many moons ago and my ex Karl. Shep reads it with delight as you may have noticed. He might be the first boyfriend i’ve showed it to although i’m not too sure about that. Oh actually I did show it to one before but he was kind of a knob about it so I didn’t for ages after that. I’ve shown it to boys in passing who like net stuff OR have confessed to their own blogs. Theres a psychology dissertain just waiting to be written about blog psychology! The MYF’s know I have this but have never asked for the url or searched me. My mother knows i have it but just can’t understand how it works and lost interst!

I never tell people I work with about it.

5. Has your blog ever caused a scandal?

Yes. Note to all. If you want to show your curious girlfriend what your ex (me) looks like, showing her their blog is a really silly idea. Thats all i’m saying about that one. Reference the same ex, citing the full name of someone who has personally wronged you (intentionally or not) is also a bad idea (well at least password protect the entry).

6. Tell us something random which happened as a reslt of blogging?

I met a ton of 20sixers once at a birthday night out. I get xmas cards and postacards now and then from someone i’ve known 4 years but never met. We video skyped once but he may never recover from that! I’ve dated another blogger. Very briefly. I’m not going into that but if you really want to know about that you can ask on fb etc. I have never gone to a blinks. I think i’d like to though.

7. Snog, Marry or Avoid – pick another blogger for each.

Right. Snog = OneStepBeyond

Marry = Fabulous (she’s v good at making cakes n stuff – can’t go wrong with that!)

Avoid = He he, I pick puntucation – he’s like Shep only older and i don’t need another one!!

8. What’s your most amusing blog memory?

Hmm. I dunno about this one. Oh wait yes I do. A long long time ago…….another blogger who won’t be mentioned found a personal ad for another blogger. Thats all i’m saying in case people remember but we all laughed so hard we nearly wee’d.

5 from Lisa

June 10, 2008

What were you doing five years ago?

Well, walking out of my job with Next (which I’ve never regretted), dating the Box Ticker (who would swan in and out of my life for the next four years leaving a trail of emotional havoc), living in Leicester in the Coronation Street, terraced house, spening all my time and money on clothes, cocktails and cabs.

Five snacks I enjoy

1. Onion bagels

2. Eat Natural bars

3. Green & Blacks

4. Olives

5. Cake

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire.

1. Pay off the mortgages of everyone in my family/close friends.

2. Raze the hotel next door. Its v ugly and concrete.

3. Buy Shep his own submarine. I think he’d like that.

4. Put some solar panels on our roof.

5. Is it wierd that I find it really difficult to think of things to do with money?

Five places I have lived

1. Leicester

2. Tuxedo, North Carolina

3. Manhatten

4. Plymouth

5. Penzance

FIve jobs I have had

1. Barmaid. In a trendy wine bar and then an old man’s pub. The latter was infnitely more fun.

2. Travel Rep.

3. Riding instructor.

4. Marketing Manager (yawn)

5. Playworker with primary school weenies. This is what I do now in the holidays.

Lifted from Punctuation

April 16, 2008

4 movies I’d watch again:
The Pianist, Cinema Paradiso, The Devil Wears Prada, Hellzapoppin

4 places I’ve lived:

Rome, New York, Paris, Budapest

4 TV shows I watch:
Friends (oh come on…who doesn’t like friends!?), Prison Break, Quantam Leap, Sex and the City

4 people I email:
Racheal, Aunty V, My Mother, Sally

4 things I eat:

Muller Rice, Brie, Hula Hoops, Biscuits by the truckload, Steamed veg

4 places I’d rather be:
SeaWorld, On safari, Alice Springs hugging the baby roos, on holiday anywhere with Shep