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Out the mouths of…….boys.

December 12, 2007

I’ve been at BNP boy’s house tonight. I had to share this with you! We were channel surfing. BNPB paused on Sexcetera and said…

‘Oh honestly…I do NOT NEED to know how to turn a womn on!!!

Me: Oh really why not?

BNPB: S’easy innit to turn a woman on….it’s like a kettle.

Me: It is now?

BNPB: *deadpan* Yes, you just push the button.

Me: *stunned*


Theres a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis…..

December 9, 2007

And he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you.

Well that was a night out and a half. Playscheme xmas party. Playscheme boss did a cracking job I have to say. We had dinner at Barbican Kitchen which is a Tanners restuarant – those little chaps on This Morning making the puddings no less. It was amazing food fans!!!

After that we did the barbican pub crawl and I ended up dancing on the tables with my boss and the manager ha ha ha.

However…..we went up to Union Rooms for more dancing about except I bumped into Text Boy at the bar. (last year short term bf bit of a wanker). As always he tried to talk to me and I blanked him. Not mature I know but frankly I can’t stand him. So I got my JD and wandered off. As if by magic my phone buzzed almost instantly. It was text boy. Gah. I could transcribe the whole conversation but it was quite lengthy. The gist of it was me telling him to go away to the point where I actually sent a message saying ‘I dont want to be friends, I dont even like you as a person as you are rude and arrogant’ He responded by saying he missed me and kept trying to convince me to go back to the pub and have a drink with him. Id left to go to BNP boy’s house by then – on purpose yes! I got bored after that and went to bed. When I got up this morning there were 5 messages from him asking if he could come round and talk to me!!! FFS!!! I replied at about lunchtime assuming he was drunk and would retract it all. He did not!!!

Honestly men are such opportunists!!!

and no – I’m not even entertaining the thought – I want even flattered!