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Walk like a man….

June 19, 2008

So I am off to Scotland a week today to visit the Shep. We plan to walk up Ben Nevis and look at Loch Ness and not visit the Commando Museum. I was strictly told I had to have proper walking kit. I had a half hearted look at boots on the net a few weeks back, balked a bit and abandoned that game. I made the error of telling my mother about these impending purchases who has been nagging consistantlyfor some time now.
Yesterday the mother was supposed to visit me at 4pm after she’d done a coach tour with americans off a cruise ship visiting plymouth. Due the hurricane yesterday I got my mother at 7am as the tour was cancelled. I wasn’t even awake!
Unfortunately this meant I was backed into a corner re the boots and I was marched off to Blacks. I went up to the shoe area and took down all the shoes i’d consider wearing. Then sales lady turned up.
SL: Can I help?
Me: Yes, I have to go on holiday to scotland and walk up a mountain an d as you can see (gesture to knne high, high heeled boots) I am not a walking boots type of person – please can you tell me which ones of thse i can wear, Mr Tanya has instructed me to get 2 season boots, whatever they are and 1000 mile socks, i know what they look like u’ve seen them.
SL: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
We were there some time. SL and my mother seemed to enjoy nagging in tandem and laughing at me clomping about ikn what looked to me like rubber bricks. Eventually I ended up with the girl version of Shep’s Merrell boots which arn’t too hideous. On Friday I have to go back and get a jacket and a fleece and………………………………….trousers. The North Face jacket and fleece are quite chic and I like them but the idea of walking trousers……………………………..*makes petulent child face*

all i can think of is that Billy Conolly clip with him saying ‘i’m a youth hosteller, i have the anorak, do you know what my philliosophy is? a stranger is just a friend i haven’t met yet!!’