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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

March 20, 2008

On the one hand….

  • Shep arrived safely. He is fine.
  • Its nice to be back in the palace (i must stop calling it that now since it is my house and that makes it a bit pretentious.
  • My dress for the charity ball (see below for photo) had arrived. It is FABULOUS. I fond some shoes in Schuh which are like the ones Miranda’s waters break over in Sex and the City. Actually i’ll find a photo. I want to get Shep a shirt or something to match me.

On the other hand…..

  • I still have to move.
  • I’ve lost weight again even though I have been eating a bit.
  • Suspect I may have sinusitis again.
  • My progress metting at uni was awful and I cried buckets. This has not been an easy year for me. The expectations are high for me to spill my guts about various issues which impinge on my studies. I continue to decline – that is my right. However my tutor is now insisting on a dyslexia assessment ( I didn’t get one in the end last time because my Mother (a teacher) insists that I can’t possibly have it). I might look it up though and see. What was the most awful about the meeting was the accusation that I can’t cope this year. Since I have not failed any modules yet or demonstrated any attendence issues I think this was quite an unfair judegement, never mind being very unhelpful and unconstructive.