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March 25, 2009

Lately I have mostly been busy having heaps on fun at my placement, having serious conversations with two year olds, running workshops to dispell myths about asylum seekers, having tantrums in meetings, laughing at myself and making friends with germans. Not to mention having the priviledge of working with maybe the most diverse and interesting people I have ever met.

I am in the middle of writing my dissertation at present. The feedback on my first draft pieces was really positive and I am pleased pleased. However the subject matter is causing me some anguish. The title is:
What is Social Work’s role in addressing issues of social exclusion and the marginalisation of refugees and asylum seekers?

I might get around to posting some parts of it soon. Right now I am trawling through legislation on immigration to the UK. As usual with this subject the more I read the more shocked and embarrased I am. I still hear people accusing asylum seekers of having children in the UK on purpose to ensure residency. Ha Ha. That right was revoked in 1981 with the British Nationality Act. This legislation also changed the rights of commonwealth citizens to only welcome/include whites. The most contradictory piece of law though just might be the 2002 Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act which brought in much stricter limitations on asylum opportunities in the UK (don’t let them in they are blatantly telling fibs because they are really economic migrants here to steal our jobs) but increased opportunities for British businesses to recruit from abroad (and what do you call a person who moves to Britain to work – you guessed it! an economic migrant). Another popular rant is ‘well we should make it very unattractive for them to come here’ Ta dah! we’ve had that by law for a decade. The 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act now ensures that asylum seekers have no recourse to public funds beyond what they recieve from the National Asylum Support Service (thats about £34 a week or tesco vouchers depending on the case and is officially support which keeps them below the poverty line). This means that however dire things are they have no rights to claim assistance either under the National Assistance Act 1948 (thats council houses and stuff and responsibility of local authorities to make sure the vulnerable are ok) or the Children Act 1989. After waiting a decade for refugee status, narrowly avoiding starvation and destitution theres a less than 12% chance of a positive decision. Then it gets areally good, after your claim is denied you can expect at best months on end in prison (sorry, i mean detention centre) and or more than likely the police will brwak down your door at 3am, snatch your sick children from their beds and bundle you on to a charter flight back to your home country (btw it won’t be British Airways because they have refused to fly anyone undergoing enforced repatriation under moral grounds). Don’t be litening to this rumour that you can nominate a third country to go to . Ha ha ha ha. I shan’t go on and on though I drive myself mad.
But I will include something. Although I’ve never had any doubt that tabloid journalism perpetuates prejudice, just in case you’re still not convinced – over a 10 month period the Daily Mail printed over 200 articles making negative claims about asylum seekers. The Daily Express printed 600.


December 16, 2008

Since I passed my resit I have mostly been….

1. Arranging my placement for this year to start in January as promised at the charity for the refugees which was set up by my faculty 5 years ago. Tasks I will undertake there include digging on the allotment, sewing with muslim ladies, cooking and eating at the Cultural Kitchen, possibly making a film for tv about the asylum experiences of young people, doing some website development for them and generally being more busy than I can get my head around.

2. Going to London to visit my H, my travel buddy and Special Opps. The former was a bit strange an a sad reminder of how some friendships peak and wane over time. I might explain a bit more sometime, I might not.

3. Getting in over my head at un again. I was asked to do some training with Practice Assessors last week by the Dean of my faculty. It was bloody terrifying. However I did relax enough to really in my own words ‘gob off a bit too much’ about some bad practice I’ve experienced. I got sent a transcript this morning of the ‘aspiration’ discusssion they had at the end of the training. Its all the points I raised, word for word but repeated by 11 people. It was accompanied by a gushig email from the Dean who incidentally insisted on coming with me last week and meeting my Mum. Sometimes I have a handle on whats going on in my life…this time I got nothing!!

4. Going to Gloucester for the wedding of some friends of Shep and I. We had the best time lounging in the hotel, stuffing ourselves and generally swanking it up in our best outfits. Photos on facebook if you want to see.

5. Getting excited about xmas. I can start my shopping now. Xmas day arrangements have been made. Since I’m quite traditional I will NOT be putting the tree up until xmas eve however. But this weekend I have another party to go to plus its our one year aniversary on Friday so we are off to Tanners for more stuffing and swanking!


August 24, 2008

This is me tring to pull myself together sincei  still have mental health to revise.

To be gained from passing law…

  1. Well i get to go back to school in 3 weeks.
  2. I can buy a shiny new laptop with my disabled students allowance (im dyslexic and add don’t you know) I want this one…..

  1. I can get a new tattoo which i think might cheer me up. I think I might like a bee for many reasons. I like this one quite alot…
  2. I’d be super busy again and not have time to be so depressed.
  3. I get to go and work at the refugee place which i keep forgetting to be excited about since i demmanded it!!
  4. And, well i’d be a bit closer to being a social worker…

Now watch me rise up and leave all the ashes you made out of me

July 22, 2008

If you look at my entry Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (i cant figure out how to put links in) you can see i had a bit of a drama about my practice portfolio this year and a meeting with all my tutors which made me break down in a big way. I got my results yesterday and not only did i pass it but the feedback from my tutor states that it was excellent and that id really turned it around from the interim point.

In yer face.

Back to reality, oops here comes gravity.

March 28, 2008
  • I must write 8000 words in the next 4 weeks. Boo
  • My law exam is on May 7th
  • Today i must write a presentation on the magnitude and prevalence of discrimination.

This week’s lesson from social work is;

  • If your child says ‘oh i’ve seen this college course in *****, i think i’m going to apply.’ The correct response is ‘wow, thats great, i’m really proud of you and will support you as best I can’ and NOT ‘*sucks teeth* Ooooh, that will be very hard work you know, you HAVE to realise what hard work that will be’ and so on and so on. Please also be mindful of saying ‘what?? Beauty Therapy? You can do better than that!”. This may well be true but its about what THEY want out of life, not YOU.