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March 16, 2008

Since I have been trapped in the weeny flat packing for what seems like weeks now I don’t have much to say….except;

1. I’m not so much a teddy bear girl. I given them occasionally but I have only ever retained one. He’s a plain Build a Bear Workshop bear and he wears his own bear boxers. His name is Bart. After the chap who gave him to me 4 years ago. He has been around the world and back with me. Anyway…..he stinks!!! Or he did. I washed him! I’ve been psyching myself up for this for weeks after consulting bear loving folk for advice. I put him in the sink with washing liquid but I nearly cried shoving his head underwater! I know I’m 28 and he’s not real ok I know!! He gave me a bit of a look………………….when I have babies – they can’t have him!

2. Never underestimate the impact of risque pictures. Ever.