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Its not jogging!! Its running!!!

November 13, 2008

These are my new running trainers. I got them from a proper running shop. I tell you, its a serious, serious business choosing trainers.  The chap in the shop ordered me to take my shoes off and got down on the floor to prod my muscles and inspect my feet. Then he got out nearly all the trainers in the shop. then we narrowed it down to acceptable ones. Then i had to try them out on the treadmill whilst he assessed my running form and stuff. It took almost an hour! They are very squishy and comfy though. However, running shop king did identify the weird problem I have with my right hip not entirely working together with the left one and how its throwing me off balance. He prescribed some sports massages so I may give it a go.


Meanwhile Shep and I have been out running alot lately, even during the downpour on saturday. Its very serious!

8 st 6lbs though!


April 1, 2008

Shep got me to run around the hoe last night. A proper run, not for a bus/train/taxi.

I have posh gym trousers from Elle, leftover from the personal trainer era. They are much too big now.

I am still wearing the limited edition embroidered nike air rifts. Shep is concerned I will wreck them and prescribes different sneakers for me to wear. I am v fussy about trianers. No, actually I HATE them. But I might look on the nike site and see whats what.

Tonight I’m inflating the gym ball thing I’ve got and probably laughing alot at Shep and I falling off it.

Edit: Shep isn’t v good at ballancing on the ball. I manage ok.