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At the chalkface…

January 12, 2009

So school has started again. Its my last beginning of term, hopefully forever. Feels like a total non event though. I have two new lecturers. One of them is extremely irritating. The other one is quite interesting. He showed us some quite disturbing docs about the history of psychiatry (an almost fake profession save for the last 50 or so years). I think the mental health module might be better than anticipated. Less popular lecturer has abandoned the uni portal (sharepoint) in favour of this WetPaint site thing. Much crossness was to be had about that. She has also changed the assessment back to an exam after lengthy campaigning to change it to an essay, mostly from the dyslexics on the course (which includes myself, allegedly). We’ll see how she fares with the angry social workers.


January 6, 2009

1. I have started my placement at the charity which helps refugees and asylum seekers. I think it will be ok there. People were nice to me and I didn’t feel too much like a hopeless twat which is the extent of what I worry about really these days. There are 13 students there zalready who all seem v happy and enthusiastic which is comforting although to be fair I had a great time at my placement last year just doing my own thing.
2. The only downside to the above is that I imagine I will have to waste space in my portfolio having that rather dull value debate about whether accepting hospitality from service users compromises professionalism. It makes me quite mad. The succint version of my thoughts are that if an individual/family has the indignity imposed on them of having to accept services which they might not want but nevertheless have no means to pay you for then denying them the basic courtesy of making you a cup of tea is just bloody rude.
3. Shep and I have been watching Our Friends in the North (again as he’s never seen it). If you haven’t seen it you should.
4. We have no snow but its bloody cold.
5. I can’t help gloating a bit about more shop closures. Its all gone a bit survival of the fittest I think.
6. I am lurching toward the the end of my Direct Payments essay and must begin the child protection one imminently.
7. Did anyone watch Panorama last night? It was about sexual bullying in schools. Any thoughts?


December 16, 2008

Since I passed my resit I have mostly been….

1. Arranging my placement for this year to start in January as promised at the charity for the refugees which was set up by my faculty 5 years ago. Tasks I will undertake there include digging on the allotment, sewing with muslim ladies, cooking and eating at the Cultural Kitchen, possibly making a film for tv about the asylum experiences of young people, doing some website development for them and generally being more busy than I can get my head around.

2. Going to London to visit my H, my travel buddy and Special Opps. The former was a bit strange an a sad reminder of how some friendships peak and wane over time. I might explain a bit more sometime, I might not.

3. Getting in over my head at un again. I was asked to do some training with Practice Assessors last week by the Dean of my faculty. It was bloody terrifying. However I did relax enough to really in my own words ‘gob off a bit too much’ about some bad practice I’ve experienced. I got sent a transcript this morning of the ‘aspiration’ discusssion they had at the end of the training. Its all the points I raised, word for word but repeated by 11 people. It was accompanied by a gushig email from the Dean who incidentally insisted on coming with me last week and meeting my Mum. Sometimes I have a handle on whats going on in my life…this time I got nothing!!

4. Going to Gloucester for the wedding of some friends of Shep and I. We had the best time lounging in the hotel, stuffing ourselves and generally swanking it up in our best outfits. Photos on facebook if you want to see.

5. Getting excited about xmas. I can start my shopping now. Xmas day arrangements have been made. Since I’m quite traditional I will NOT be putting the tree up until xmas eve however. But this weekend I have another party to go to plus its our one year aniversary on Friday so we are off to Tanners for more stuffing and swanking!


November 28, 2008

I have passed the mother fucking resit!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will mostly….

October 19, 2008

Be getting cross I imagine. I have to meet again with my learning set. The below pretty much sums up what I expect will happen.

Even though its my error this still isn’t ok………

October 15, 2008
Some email correspondance. Incidentally since they have lost my application and its a new one, they have no idea what my disabilty might be. Ironically if you didn’t know. Its dyslexia.

RE: Disabilty Student Finance

(s) Tanya Beasley
Sent: 15 October 2008 13:00

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your swift response. I shall resend my paperwork presently.

Meanwhile, you and your colleagues might want to consider removing internal communication threads before replying to an email originator. Including discriminatory remarks is both insensitive and unprofessional.

From: Michael Amis []
Sent: 15 October 2008 10:13
To: (s) Tanya Beasley
Subject: FW: Disabilty Student Finance

Dear Tanya

We have no record of your DSA application, please could you resend to
Exeter office asap

Michael Amis
Student Finance Officer

—–Original Message—–
From: Peter Bosley
Sent: 15 October 2008 09:45
To: Michael Amis
Subject: FW: Disabilty Student Finance

Pl look into. She doesn’t seem to know her own name……

—–Original Message—–
From: Martin Brice
Sent: 15 October 2008 08:31
To: Peter Bosley
Subject: FW: Disabilty Student Finance

—–Original Message—–
From: (s) Tanya Beasley []
Sent: 14 October 2008 23:20
To: Exg.DG.CYP.StuSupp
Subject: Disabilty Student Finance

To whom it may concern,
I sent an application for disabled students finance back in the summer
but have had no response. Please advise whether you have received my
application. My details are as follows:
Tanya Bealey
DOB: **********

Thank you

Getting down to business

October 11, 2008

I have had a better week this week. Nasty germ has subsided a little bit and things are on the move with the rest of life.

  1. Shep has returned from Norway and even *gasp* had some time off. We have been horse riding and eating out and going to the movies and lots of nice things like that. Later on we are going on the ferry to Mount Egdecombe for a walk and an ice cream.
  2. I have been getting down to it with my uni work. There is a terrifying amount of it but it is at least interesting and engaging.
  3. I have two new learning sets. One I have started working with and the next one I meet on Monday. Multi Agency Working set has already become a problem….After two whole years of shite group dynamics if anyone thinks i’m sitting back and complying for the sake of not arguing they are deleuded. I am many things but never a pushover.
  4. I have rejoined the Service User and Carer Consultative Group attached to my faculty. It has been good to be back. Sometimes it feels like I have my own fan club cheering me on through a difficult degree. At the least I feel like I have a few spare mothers.
  5. I am doing a module on disabilty. This week we have been discussing cultural representations of disability. There are often v stereotyped (either the super cripple – forrest gump or rain man or a villain – dr no, captain hook even or they are pity figures). Soaps are a bit guilty on this front. Disabled people are very underepresented in soaps even though they probably make up a huge number of the audience. Emmerdale I recall had a wheelchair user character for a long time. Eastenders has a toddler with downs syndrome but neither Hollyoaks or Corrie have any disabled characters (correct me if I am wrong). This sorts of presumes that the disabled are excluded from the very ordinary things that soap characters spend their time doing such as chatting in the pub, shopping, getting a hair cut, talking to neighbours in the street or going to work.

I’d like some thoughts on point 5 please xxxxx

I used to be interesting but…

October 1, 2008

I am at present letting the flu get the better of me. Routine seems to consist of: wake up at 5am, remedicate, sleep until about 9, move into lounge. At about 2pm I can manage getting washed and dressed. And so on.

Anyway thats all very fascinating I’m sure. In the meantime I had a v nice weekend. It was the 1st aniversary of George’s death on sunday so I went home for some Mummy time. We pottered around Totnes on saturday, which if you are a tree hugging hippy like me is a shopping paradise. You can even sign up to be buried in a eco coffin down there. I bought these v posh herb planters for my plant friends. I have 6 herb plants now!

On sunday we had a pub lunch at Liverton (bit chavvy actually) and went to Endsleigh for more garden things. I bought the olive tree finally which I have been coveting. They can live for 2000 years apparently!  I am hoping it will like it in the big window in the kitchen. I will be very smug when I get to eat olives off my own tree one day.

Meanwhile I have been back to uni to start lectures. It was ok. Bit same old, same old really but I have yet another new work group which does not contain anyone I don’t get on with unlike previous years. I feel a bit detached from it really.

Shep is away diving. Return date unknown. Boo


September 23, 2008

I have had the email. I am going into my third year after all. There goes my year out.

I might be a little bit pleased.

This is a picture of Bart, my Build a Bear. The pic is for Lisa.

And for my next trick….

September 19, 2008

My only task for today was to pop into one of the uni canteens and collect my god daughter from her mother so she can attend induction stuff. As if it could be that simple!?

Baby mother is crying her eyes out. Apparently baby father thought that today was a totally appropriate time to say that he didn’t want a party for god daughter’s 1st birthday because he cannot bear to be around baby mother and also that this was the prefect time to threaten court action and just generally tear her to pieces. On her first day back at uni. As if going back to uni as a single mother of two isn’t f**king well hard enough!!!!

Meanwhile I also bump into my old professor who doesn’t teach me anymore but well…who am i kidding al the staff in my faculty know me. Anyway he says ‘you’re a third year now, yes’ – and i explain failing one module and not progressing this year etc etc. He says ‘well you’d better contact Professor Somebody Else because the faculty are in the midst of changing regulations and allowing failed modules up to 20 credits (mine is only 10) to progress with a resit period in november. So i dutifully go home with the baby and emailed said person and he replies immediately that I should know in a day or so.


*probably also something to do with the recent media coverage of the huge social worker shortfall.