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Now we’re getting somewhere…

February 19, 2008

I have had a moderately productive weekend…..I have mostly been:

  • Triumphing over computer adversity….amillionpieces helped me on Friday with some MP4 conversion but I went on to get one on over on the Kodak Photo Printer Dock (contrary little bugger) and get some prints ready for one of Mr SGT’s homecoming present (which isn’t a surprise).  AND fix Mama SGT’s ready for the skip desktop and retrieve all sorts of files she thought she had lost. computer trickery is an excellent bargaining tool for…..
  • Help with junk disposal: The itsy weeny corridor in my flat was blocked with the charity shop bursting bin liners…now it isnt!
  • Now its blocked with enourmous holdall containing all my horse riding equipment and lots of other now homeless posessions turfed out of former family home. Mother mused that Mr SGT and I really need a shed.
  • I went to a wedding fair. It was quite hideous. Actually it was really hideous. In fact i wish id taken photos.
  • But i did manage to produce a guest list. I am at 38 people and 3 babies. Hurrah.
  • We have one of two venues to go and look at now. Plymouth licensed wedding venues are a bit thin on the ground though. Hey ho.

Meanwhile…..facebook is starting to spook me a bit. Little boy who I dated for a v short time on holiday when i was 14ish looked me up. Lives just up the road. Surely thats it now for blast from the past?

Post V Day (because my brain is pickled and i cant think of a good song lyric just now)

February 15, 2008

So that was Happy Hallmark Day. Hope you all had a good one free from dissapointment, arguments and Shell garage bouquets. I fared extremely well this year but then again my intended is far away…i’d rather have had him home and no presents.

But however…I got home from a very long week wanting to curl up and die yesterday but hsalf an hour later had a new pair of boots from Office i had been coveting for some time, some posh chocolates and a bottle of Laurent Perrier.

Hmm….new shoes…posh booze and then one of the MYF’s phoned to see what i was up to…’getting merry with you and then going out’ was the response. He he.

I also recieved what should have been a gorgeous bouquet of pink and red  long stemmed roses but what turned up was a bouquet of roses with frostbite and the petals falling off. One cross sounding phone call later and the little chap turned up and swapped them for a new set. Fairs fair I thought…..and then after id cut them and stood them in a vase i woke up this morning to find most of the heads had drooped right over and petals were falling already. I  know its only flowers but i really wanted to cry. They should have made my flat pretty for a week but i suspect they will be binned on sunday night when i get back from my folks. The irritation.

And finally heres the post i never thought id write. My mother has arranged to take me to a wedding fair on sunday. *in the style of Lindsay Lohan’s mother in Mean Girls* ‘WHO ARE YOU?’ That said i have gone from overwhelmed and confused about this whole wedding business to aquiring ideas and actually starting to enjoy it a bit.