Not extinct, just dormant.

Like the little prince’s volcanos.

I can’t be a ‘mummy blogger’ its just not me but in the same vein I can’t write about dating anymore, sadly 😉 (thought that might be an angle!). I can’t write about study anguish because I completed 16 months ago. I suppose I could write about tryi ng to get a job except I haven’t tried excessively hard yet (waiting for blardy driving test – now passed hurrah).

I spend hours ranting about various parenting practices/theory but i’ll keep that for facebook and my ranty chums.

Which leaves me with erm…………………..(looks around) a vacancy for ablogging theme. Yes, that.

One Response to “Not extinct, just dormant.”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    hurrah! hello 🙂

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